Ghana Laureate Class of 2018, University of Alberta - Canada, had clinical experience in Ghana.

A group of twelve landed in Ghana three months ago and it certainly does not feel like they have been here for that long, but at the same time it does. During the first several weeks, they took time to adjust to the climate and the rich culture of the country. Although their living arrangements were quite different from what they were used to at home, the International Student Hostel of the University of Ghana became their new home. During their time here, they have created numerous connections with many individuals on and off the University campus. They were delighted to be invited to Dr. Lillian Ohene’s home to share a delicious meal consisting of traditional Ghanaian dishes and a lovely conversation between all of us.

A session of Ghana Laureate Class of 2018 (Canada) and Staff of SONM, University of Ghana


Following the completion of the theory component of their preceptorship, they traveled to Apemanim, a small village located outside of Kumasi. In this setting, they worked closely with the nurse of the community and gained an extraordinary appreciation for the role of the rural nurse in Ghana. The Chief of the Village, Dr. Kwasi Anu-Kyeremeh, kindly welcomed them and shared his own history in addition to the role of a Chief and Queen Mother in the village setting. They were deeply inspired by his passion for education and how much emphasis he placed on this for those living in his community.


The 37 Military Hospital Accra, proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Working collaboratively with the staff, they forged lasting relationships and learned first hand how the health care system in Ghana worked. They were welcomed with “Akwaabas” and departed with a new found knowledge and excitement to continue on their journey. In the polyclinic setting, their learning was shaped by the passionate outreach work of the public health nurses. Although the sweltering heat in both of these settings battled them over seven weeks, they overcame this and moved forward with life changing experiences.

Clinical Experience at the 37 Military Hospital, Accra


Outside of clinical experiences, they were privileged to experience Ghana in different ways. They travelled to Mole National Park and were awoken by elephants outside of their accommodations. A trip to the Wli waterfalls had them all in awe as they saw the beauty of nature in that moment. The Elmina and Cape Coast castles were beautiful, yet humbly reminded them of the tragic history of the Gold Coast. They navigated through the Kejetia market in Kumasi without losing a single group member!

Ghana Laureate Class of 2018

They are indeed forever grateful for the experience that the School of Nursing and Midwifery made possible for all of them. It is impossible to capture all of the emotions they have experienced during the trip in this brief write-up; however, it can be assured that their lives have changed and have continuously found passion in the nursing profession through the inspiration of others.


With love, kindness, and ever-lasting friendship,

The University of Alberta 494/495 Ghana Group

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