Breast cancer is the most occurring cancer in women worldwide and even more severe in developing countries like Ghana. Breast cancer is curable when detected early but very fatal when it advances. The disease is a common cause of hospital admissions and mortality among Ghanaian women. Statistics show that breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women. Every female loves her breast because it is sign of her womanhood. Men and boys are even more fascinated by the breast than the owners themselves. The breast is the source of life, produces the healthiest food for growing children and great source of pleasure to the men. The whole world needs the breast to survive.

The month of October has been dedicated to breast cancer. The world is calling all individuals; young and old alike to join the campaign against breast cancer. Get a pink ribbon and create the awareness. You are at risk! I am at risk! Breast cancer is no respecter of persons. Not even your qualification can save you from breast cancer. My educated brothers and sisters, join the campaign and let us save the breast.

School of Nursing and Midwifery(SONM) students of University of Ghana(UG) have proved ourselves to be great ambassadors of breast cancer as they stormed the streets of the premier University creating awareness about breast cancer. If you were wondering what the pink and white shirts and loud music on the streets meant on 13th October (“NO BRA DAY”) then you should know that it was all for the breast. There was a float and aerobics in favor of the breast cancer awareness campaign with the theme “Breast watch” and the slogan “all for the breast!!, all for you !!.

SONM students converged at the Balm Library by 6am and began the float from balm library to the halls and climaxed with aerobics at the athletic oval. Their route was through the African Union Hostel (Pentagon) where the response was not as vibrant as the halls they later visited. The float continued to the Diaspora were they were warmly received and got the opportunity to educate some residents on the need to fight breast cancer. Residents of Alexander Kwapong and Elizabeth Frances Sey hall were enlightened about breast cancer.