UGHANMSA Celebrates 37th Health Week

The long awaited 37th University of Ghana Nursing and Midwifery Students Association (UGHANMSA) week which was dubbed “The menace of Cardiovascular Disease: the role of the student nurse” was launched on the 24th March, 2018. The health week celebration began with an opening prayer by Miss Nana Yaa Asare, the Women’s Commissioner for the Association. As part of the launch of the health week celebration, a quiz competition was organized for the four levels of the school which was scheduled to start at 4pm. The quiz competition was comprised of general knowledge of the School, diseases of the cardiovascular system and the pathophysiology of the diseases.


Level 100 Contestants at the Inter-levels quiz competition

 As the clock ticked, competitors from some levels continued to prepare tirelessly until it was time for them to be seated for the quiz. While others prepared, some also went about their normal activities as if there was nothing at stake. On the various WhatsApp platforms for the Association, course mates praised their competitors and expressed their confidence in them before the competition started.  By 5pm, the entrants, three each from each level, together with two quiz masters and a deft timekeeper who was in the person of Mr. Caesar Kaba were seated and set for the inter-level quiz competition.

Level 200 Contestants at the Inter-levels quiz competition

At the end of round one, the audience were bewildered. The level 300s were leading the tenderfoot level 100s by just a mark, in order words the level 100’s had seven points, hence they were second to the level 300s. The level 200s and 300s had 3 and 6 points respectively.The end of round two got students in level 300 very juiced up and the rest of the levels keyed up. The level 300s were leading with 12 points, levels 400 and 200 had 6 points each and the level 100s had 3 points this time around. Level 300 competitors were still leading at the end of round three, levels 200 and 100 had 3 points each and level 400 had 6 points.

Level 300 Contestants at the Inter-levels quiz competition

Hope was all that the other levels apart from the level 300s had to make them the winners of the competition. The levels 100, 300 and 400 competitors had 14 points each at the end of round four followed by the level 200 students with 3 points.

At the end of the remarkable contest, the level 300 competitors came out as winners with 40.5 points and they were in the persons of Lawrencia Narh, Harriet Dodoo and Godsway Ahamboa. Collins Mensah, Samuel Boakye Sarkodie and Ivy Tawiah Addo who were the level 400 competitors took the second place with 35 points. The third place was taken by the level 100 competitors who were in the persons of Lawrence Owiredu Akuamoah, Awuah Felix Baffour and Agbesi Bertha Delanyo Awo. Collins Addo, Prince Kwesi Anku and Maame Nshira Twumasi- Ankrah who were the level 200 competitors to the fourth place in the inter-level quiz competition.

Presentation of Trophy: Winners of Inter-levels quiz competition

Winners of Inter-levels quiz competition: Level 300 Contestants