Philosophy of The School

The philosophy of nursing education at the School is grounded in the belief that:

  1.  The health and development of individuals, families and communities are influenced by multi-dimensional environmental factors. Human beings co-exist in an interdependent relationship               with others and the environment.
  2.  Human beings have dignity and basic rights to enjoy good health.
  3.  An interdisciplinary approach to care is key to the pivotal role of nursing in health care delivery.
  4.  Nursing is committed to health promotion, illness prevention, health restoration, rehabilitation and palliation.
  5.  Nursing as a discipline has a responsibility to generate new knowledge and promote evidence-based practice. Its practitioners engage in independent and interdependent practice. 
  6.  Students and faculty have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  7.  Successful professional practice requires critical thinking and commitment to life-long learning.